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Click To Watch This Engine Dyno Run on YouTube!
Click To Watch This Engine Dyno Run on YouTube!
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Survival's YouTube Channel
Our latest dyno stretching
creation is up on YouTube for
your viewing pleasure.  Its a
supercharged 496 cid FE
wedge on alky - made a
staggering 1090 horsepower
and 1070 pounds of torque.

Survival Motorsports is  
featured in the current issues
of both Popular Hot Rodding
and Hot Rod magazines!  The
Pop Rod issue is pretty
special with
coverage of our entry in last
year's Engine Masters

Visit out FE Engine Tech
Forum for Q&A, along with
information on recent builds
and combinations.
We wrote the book on FE
Max Performance FE is the earlier book which details numerous performance options for the experienced FE builder

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How To Rebuild the Ford FE - New Book
Book covers the rebuild process for the Ford FE engine in detail
Literature, Video, and News

The 2nd Annual FE Race and Reunion
for 2014 was a HUGE success!  
Event coverage can be found HERE at the Fairlanenet site

As title sponsor we want to thank ALL the track and show
participants, the awesome staff at the Beaver Springs track,
and especially Doug Bender and Jody Alberts for putting this
incredible event together.

Survival has already signed up to continue our title
sponsorship for next year!
Click here for Information for next years event
"Barry Rabotnick from Survival Motorsports is
a Ford FE guy down to the bone, and pretty
much always shows up at Engine Masters with
a Ford-Edsel engine. For 2014, he came with
the exact same 433ci mill that he competed
with in 2013, but here’s the kicker: the engine
has been in Barry’s Torino all year, and he
didn’t even freshen it up before this year’s
Challenge. He did, however, swap in a smaller
cam to take better advantage of 2014′s lower
6,500-rpm limit. Last time, this FE made 711
hp and 612 lb-ft. This year, with less cam and
a shorter rpm range as mandated by the
Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge rules
(6,500 rpm versus 7,000), it made 636
horsepower and 562 lb-ft. It did that with a
little 236-at-0.050 cam..."
Images and text from Hot Rod Magazine's
coverage of the 2014 challenge.  We take
on the nation's premier engine builders
every year to showcase FE horsepower at
its finest!