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Shipping data
Office Phone (248) 366-3309
or (248) 931-0358 after hours cell
E-Mail Info@Survivalmotorsports.com
Click To Watch This Engine Dyno Run on YouTube!
Click To Watch This Engine Dyno Run on YouTube!
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Engine Building Services

Survival has a full service
on-site machining facility,
using newer equipment in a
clean and controlled

We have the following
equipment in house:
  • Sunnen SV-10 cylinder hone
  • Sunnen line hone
  • Fentech balancer
  • Sunnen valve grinder
  • Sunnen VGS20 seat and guide
  • DTS 8800 engine dyno
  • 60" lathe
  • Bridgeport mill
  • Two clean assembly rooms

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Custom builds per quote
Pricing is competitive
Worksmanship is outstanding
Power is Proven!

Click here to see some sample
engine builds
Performance Parts Sales

Follow the link above for
competitive pricing on a
huge array of parts for your
project.  The nations best
selection of Ford FE engine
and driveline components
from the following list of
quality manufacturers:

Crankshafts and
Connecting Rods
  • Scat
  • Callies
  • Competition Cams
Rocker Systems
Cylinder Heads
Intake Manifolds
Engine Blocks
  • Sideoiler Garage
  • Pond
  • Shelby
  • McLeod Clutches
  • Quicktime Bellhousings
  • TKO Transmissions
Featured Products

Survival has developed a
unique selection of parts
specifically engineered to
enhance the Ford FE Engine

Stroker kits
Available for ANY FE block!
Hundreds sold - turns your
normal 390 into a 445 torque
monster!  Turns a 427 into a
482 inch street/strip killer!

FElony Cylinder heads
A true bolt-on high
performance upgrade!
Dyno proven power on
customer engines from
500-700 horsepower.   
CNC ported version proven
at over 700HP in the Engine
Masters Challenge

Custom 2x4 systems for
street and strip performance
Traditional fit and linkage
for all FE dual quad intakes

Hydraulic Roller Cam Kits
A drop in upgrade for more
power and no break-in
worries.  We have dozens of
available grinds!
News, Literature and Video

Currently working on a new
FE book with detailed
instructions for the home
garage builder - targeting a
spring release date!

Survival's YouTube Channel
Is this the highest
horsepower FE ever on a
dyno?  See it on YouTube - a
supercharged 496 cid FE
wedge on alky - made a
staggering 1090 HP and 1070
pounds of torque!.

Survival Motorsports has
been featured in Popular Hot
Rodding, Engine Masters and
Hot Rod magazines!   
Comprehensive coverage of
our entry in last year's
Engine Masters Challenge.

2018 FE Race and Reunion!
2017 was a HUGE success!     
Mark your calendar for     
April 27 & 28 2018!

Visit out FE Engine Tech
Forum for Q&A, along with
information on recent builds
and combinations.
We wrote the book on FE
Max Performance FE is the earlier book which details numerous performance options for the experienced FE builder
Survival Motorsports
The HOME of FE Ford Horsepower!

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Customer Car Gallery
    Survival FElony head castings
     Hundreds of sets sold to date!
         Castings now in stock!!

  • Ultimate in bolt on FE power!
  • Proven at Engine Masters Challenge
  • Designed, Developed, Cast and
    Machined entirely in the USA
  • Airflow approaching 290cfm as cast
  • Modern combustion chamber design
  • CNC ported version reaches 370cfm