We stand behind our products!  Everything we sell is guaranteed against
manufacturing or material defects.  Manufacturer's warranties apply to those
items we purchase from suppliers.  Survival branded products are warranted
for one year from date of purchase.  This one year warranty also includes
non-race engines assembled by Survival as long as certain procedures are
followed.  Racing applications are not subject to any warranty - period.

Engine installation and break-in that is handled by customers or third party
contractors must be done according to the instructions provided by the various
component manufacturers.  This would include the use of a high zinc break-in
oil and a 2000 RPM run in period for flat tappet camshaft installations.

The warranty is limited to replacement of or credit for the product itself.  
Survival Motorsports is not under any circumstances liable for damage to other
components, labor for installation, or related claims of any sort. Products used
in racing applications are not guaranteed under any circumstances beyond
obvious manufacturing defects that can be conclusively demonstrated.

Survival Motorsports has the sole right to make such judgements, and those
judgements are final.

Our return procedure is quick, simple and painless.  If you need to return an
item for any reason you must contact us first - so we can find out what, if
anything is wrong.  We cannot fix problems we don't know about.  Once
notified by e-mail, fax or letter, we will provide instructions as to how to handle
your issue.  Items being returned must be in new, unused condition and in
their original packaging with all documents and instructions - - or they must be
an alleged defective product with pre-approval.  Proof of original purchase is
required.  Custom made parts cannot be returned.  Used parts cannot be

Upon receipt of the item in question, Survival personnel will make a
determination of what if anything is wrong.  Survival Motorsports has the sole
right to make such judgements, and those judgements are final.  Alleged
defective parts will be returned to the manufacturer for determination.  

Engines or driveline components determined to require service will be
repaired to bring them back to original operational condition.  The costs
associated with any alterations or upgrades to the engine at that time are not
included in warranty work.  Transportation charges are not covered.  
Installation labor is not covered unless it was done at the Survival facility as
part of the original work.

By purchasing products from Survival Motorsports, you agree to these terms
and  acknowledge reading them.
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