Specialized Services
Survival Motorsports has a full service machine shop equipped the latest brand new Sunnen
SV-10 cylinder hone technology, along with a brand new line hone, balancer, and decking
machine. We made the investment in new equipment in order to provide you with the highest
quality engines possible.  We also have an in house DTS dyno for computerized engine
break in and power assessment. Our shop is clean, brightly lit, and professionally arranged..
Phone (248) 366-3309 or (248) 931-0358
Fax (248) 438-6900
E-Mail Info@Survivalmotorsports.com
The Sunnen SV-10 is the newest cylinder hone
available from the industry leader in honing

It allows us to deliver the roundest, straightest bores
possible for excellent ring sealing and power delivery.
All Survival engines get honed with torque plates.
Our brand new Comec decking machine uses
specialized cutters to generate proper surface
finishes for either traditional composite or MLS
gaskets.  We have unique cutting tools for either
aluminum or iron castings, and are able to handle a
wide variety of heads and blocks
The Sunnen CH-100 is the industry standard for
professional line honing.  This is a brand new machine
that gives perfect main bearing alignment and
housing bore geometry - and we can also handle cam
tunnels too!
The new Fentech balancer gives us the ability to do
precision engine balancing on site.  We can install
heavy metal as needed, and your parts never need to
leave our shop.

This machine has proven extremely accurate and
repeatable.  We can do internal and external
balancing, and can balance flywheels and pulleys too!
Our on site DTS 8800 dyno provides measurement of
horsepower and torque throughout the RPM band of
your engine.

A safe, clean and professional installation assures
accurate and realistic data in a well controlled
environment.  Exhaust is carefully routed out of the
room to minimize contamination.

Link to some dyno pulls on video...
Our in house cylinder head equipment includes a top
of the line Sunnen VGS-20 valve seat and guide

An air float head for perfect geometry combine with
numerous carbide cutters for an extremely precise
and concentric valve seal every time