Forged pistons for any FE - - stock replacement to
strokers.  If you don't see  your combination  listed - CALL -
we will have them custom made!

We use four  main suppliers for our FE builds here at
Survival - Mahle,
 Race-tec, Speed-Pro, and Diamond.  Each
has their place in the market, and each has their particular
advantages for different builds.

The Speed-Pro pistons are inexpensive - available in either
forged or cast hypereutectic for the common OEM 390 and
428 combinations.  Best suited for budget limited projects.

ace-Tec pistons are good quality forged parts that are
available for standard 390 and 428 applications as well as
390 and 428 based strokers.

Mahle has become our main supplier for the 390 stroker
kits.  They allowed us to develop a custom piston just for
our needs with numerous upgrades included - skirt
coatings and metric ring packages.  Great parts at a very
good price.

Diamond is the custom piston supplier of choice for us.  
Based in Michigan - as we are - they deliver virtually
unlimited options and sizes for all FE combinations.

Size & availability options - click here
Click Here For Compression  Ratio Calculator
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