Blue Thunder Stage X Heads
FE Ford Cylinder Heads
Hundreds of components available for the FE Ford!

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The New
Survival FElony Cylinder Head
Designed to take advantage of decades of
port and chamber design refinement.
Dyno proven to deliver increases of 30-40
HP compared to traditional replacement
heads for the Ford FE
Survival, Edelbrock and Blue Thunder Cylinder Heads
Survival FElony heads deliver serious performance right out of the box.  Available
as castings or complete heads, these will outperform our Edelbrock based Stage
X package with just a valve job and bowl blend.  Power levels from 500 to over 600

Edelbrock Stage X heads include 11/32 stem stainless valve job & bowl blend, and
viton seals - prices per pair complete & assembled with springs for flat tappets or
hydraulic roller combos.  Upgrade to solid roller springs and titanium retainers for
the cost of the parts.  Power levels up to 550HP.

Our CNC programs can take it to the level of  real race piece capable of supporting
well over 700 horsepower.  CNC ported Survival, Edelbrock or Blue Thunder
castings are sold bare.  You specify the needed valves, springs, and retainers.  
Power levels from 650HP and up!

If you need more than that -
click here to look to our fully CNC ported Blue Thunder
packages for documented 800+HP potential!
Flow data courtesy of ET Performance, Walled Lake MI
We have made a documented 729 horsepower with
the Stage X Blue Thunder heads - a great deal for  big
power from an FE
Stage X head packages can be uprgaded with
Manley Nextec  roller cam spring & titanium retainers
Stage X head package is ready to install - includes
stainless valves,  dual springs, 4130 retainers
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CNC Ported Blue Thunder High Risers
are available for maximum effort engine builds.
Includes full CNC profiling of intake, exhaust and chamber.
With airflow potential approaching 400cfm these are the choice for
serious FE Horsepower - proven at 767 horsepower on a 520 with an
unwelded cast Tunnel Wedge intake
Blue Thunder Cylinder Head CNC Porting
Blue Thunder Cylinder Head