Scat-3984-FE-Stroker-Kit $1950.00
Upgraded FE Stroker Kits for 390, 428, 427 Engines include:
  • Scat  9000 Series Crankshaft - strokes or 3.98, 4.125, or 4.250
  • Scat 6.700 H Beam Rods
  • Diamond, Mahle or Probe Forged Pistons
  • Plasma-Moly  File Fit Rings
  • F-M Race Main and Rod Bearings
  • Internal Balancing
  • Steel Crankshaft is optional
Scat-4125-FE-Stroker-Kit $2300.00
Scat-4250-FE-Stroker-Kit $2300.00
Engine Cradle for FE with casters
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Prison Break 445 - 360, 390 or 428 FE Stroker Kit
The best way to get big power from your 360 or 390! Scat 9000 series ductile iron stroker crankshaft Your choice of pistons - dished for 9.8:1 compression with 72cc heads or flat tops - 11.0:1 compression (4.080 bore .030 over is standard - other sizes optional upgrade), Scat 6.700 I beam rods with ARP 8740 bolts, Moly rings, Main and rod bearings, Internally balanced - use your stock flexplate or flywheel
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390 FE Basic Rebuild Kit
  • Cast pistons
  • Moly rings
  • Bearings
  • Gaskets
  • Timing set
  • Comp Cam
  • Lifters
  • Freeze plugs
  • Oil pump
$695.00 COMPLETE!
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Survival Motorsports is the HOME of the FE Ford stroker kit.  
As the world's leading supplier of FE Ford stroker kits, we can provide a vast array of crankshaft,
connecting rod, and piston combinations for your project.  Anything you can imagine is available - from a
mild street performance package - to a high torque towing application - to all out race.

There are a great number of options for FE
Ford engine stroker combinations.  Our most
popular is the famous "Prison Break 445", as
noted to the right.  This kit includes a Scat
9000 series cast crank, Scat 6.700 long I beam
rods, forged pistons, plasma-moly file fit
piston rings, F-M race rod and main bearings,
and comes internally balanced.

While the Prison Break is the best value on
the market for somebody wanting to turn a
390 or 360 into a 445 inch thumper, with
power potential of over 500HP and torque to
match - there are a lot of other ways to build
your personal FE.

Waaaay back in 2005 (not that long ago...) the
FE Ford engine enthusiast was faced with
only a few simply choices on builds.  You
either used and reused old factory parts from
the 60's - or you anted up for one-off billet or
custom made pieces with a budget suited to
the professional racer.

In the few years since we revolutionized the
FE Ford market with a vast array of new
products and combinations - a lot of options
are now available that we could only dream.  

In an effort to simplify the selection process,
we've developed a few charts to help with
the choices.  By following the below links,
you can view charts:

  • for determining engine displacement
    with the various common bore and
    stroke combinations.

  • for the current production aftermarket
    crankshafts and materials

  • for available connecting rod designs
    and brands

  • for current production aftermarket
    pistons and brands

We can build a custom rotating assembly for
you using any combination of the parts
shown on these charts.  Full custom kits are
also available for those needing something
really special for your race car or high caliber
street project.