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445cid  390 Stroker - 505 horsepower with EFI
Pump gas, Edelbrock Stage X heads - POLISHED
482cid  Aluminum 427 Stroker - 618 horsepower
Genesis block, CNC Edelbrock heads
482cid  12.5:1 427 Stroker - 729 horsepower
Genesis block, Blue Thunder Stage X heads
431cid  Budget 390 Stroker - 428 horsepower
Edelbrock Performer intake & heads
482cid  Street Stroker - 537 horsepower
Pump gas, Genesis block, Edelbrock Stage X  
heasd heads

Short block assembly starting at
only $700
Complete engine assembly from

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520 cid  427 High Riser - 767 horsepower with 2x4s!!
12.5:1 Race gas, Genesis block Blue Thunder heads
427 cid  Restoration Style 496 Horsepower
Original 427 heads unported, Original 427 block,
Stock stroke, Stock compression 12:1
Stock manifolds, Stock intake and repro carbs
429 cid  All Aluminum 529 Horsepower
Independent Runner Fuel Injected
Pump gas, Pond block, Blue Thunder heads
510 cid  All Aluminum 668 Horsepower
Pump gas, Genesis block, Blue Thunder heads
Dual Plane BT Intake, 1050 Dominator
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