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Camshafts - Technical Information
Survival performance camshafts deliver excellent power, great durability,
and superior value.  They are American made, manufactured in a modern
facility equipped with the latest in equipment and carrying a full range of
quality certifications.

The key to getting the performance you desire and the durability you
deserve lies in proper selection and correct installation.

Selection Criteria
No single part can make a greater change in engine behavior than the
camshaft.  The range of Survival cams are targeted toward the street
enthusiast and the entry level racer.  With this in mind, none of them
require exotic valvetrain modifications in order to function.  

The normal rules for any camshaft apply  - - if you're not sure, pick
smaller.  The most important thing to consider when choosing a
performance cam is the need to be honest with yourself regarding the
intended use of the vehicle.  Some rules of the game are that large
engines are more forgiving, higher stall speed converters or manual
transmission applications can handle larger cams, and that some factory
EFI applications won't tolerate anything beyond stock.

As you step up lift and duration you should expect and plan for some
tradeoffs.  Idle quality, manifold vacuum, and low RPM performance will
be compromised to gain more high RPM power.  A sharp carburetor tuner
can get pretty good driving characteristics from even quite large cams -
but they are not a simple "bolt on" for the first timer.  If you are not sure -
call for or recruit experienced assistance!

Installation Guidelines  - Follow this link for tips on successful installation.