Survival Motorsports FE Stroker kits allow you to create a vast array of unique
engines from various Ford FE blocks.  

The chart below shows the most common variations possible with readily
available crankshafts.The factory cranks are 3.500 stroke on 352 and 360
engines. The 390 and 427 used a crank with a 3.780 stroke.  The 428 has a 3.98

The factory cranks had true stroke specs that varied from these numbers by a
few ten thousandths, hence the displacement variance from calculations - but
rounded numbers are the ones you'll most often see referenced - so these are
what we are using.  Steel cranks from Ford were available in 3.50 (361 truck) as
well as 3.78 strokes (427 and 391 truck).

Aftermarket steel cranks are available in 3.980, 4.125, 4.250, and 4.375 strokes.

Pistons are available as catalog parts from most of these combinations, but all
others can be manufactured as custom parts.  The 4.125, 4.250, 4.375 cranks
use a 6.700 long connecting rod with big block Chevrolet big end and pin
dimensions. The other cranks use traditional 6.49 length FE rods.
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