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Survival can provide the Bellhousing and Clutch
components needed to complete your street or race FE  
engine package.

We sell Quicktime Bellhousings and McLeod clutches - the
best parts in the driveline business.  We will install and
indicate these on your assembled engine - or sell the
components so that you can upgrade and install them
Quicktime Bellhousings for Ford FE Applications

TKO 500/600 Transmission Non-SFI       RM-6056                 $512

TKO 500/600 Transmission SFI               RM-6056-SFI          $535

Toploader/Jerico Transmission Non-SFI   RM-6057                $528

Toploader/Jerico Transmission, SFI          RM-6057-SFI         $560

Automatic Trans - C4                                  RM-9056                 

Cutout for adjustable clutches                                                     $150
QuickTime has set a new standard for steel bellhousings.

  • Lightest steel bellhousing available anywhere
  • The QuickTime Bellhousing is the most accurate bellhousing available
    for parallelism and concentricity due to unique manufacturing
  • The QuickTime cone is spun not rolled or stamped. This allows the
    QuickTime Bellhousing to be the most dimensionally stable bellhousing
    available.  Less drivetrain wear.  Increased horsepower delivery.
  • Built from high grade steel — Work hardens to over 80,000 PSI
    strength. Over 2 times the strength of any other steel bellhousing.
  • Has passed SFI testing for NHRA 10 second & quicker cars.
  • 100% built in the USA.
Mcleod Super Street Pro 75211
Mcleod Super Street Pro 75211 - An SFI approved 11" long style clutch kit for FE Ford applications using the small input (1-1/16 diameter) top loader four speed transmission. A dual faced ceramic/organic street/strip performance clutch for use with engines of roughly 500 horsepower. Heavier pedal effort than stock, along with improved holding capacity. * Includes pressure plate, disc, throwout bearing, alignment tool, and pressure plate bolts
Mcleod FE Ford Steel Flywheel, SFI Legal, 28 pound steel for long style pressure plate. Recommended for most street applications, has 184 teeth for the starter.
TKO600 5 speed transmission
TKO600 5 speed transmission, with top loader style input and .82 overdrive. Other options are available.
Higher center distance (83 mm) from main shaft to counter shaft allows for larger gear
sizes and higher torque carrying capacity.  

Robust transmission design with internal 3-rail shift system with cast iron shift forks
Tapered roller bearings on input, output and counter shafts improve performance.
All gears and shafts made from special grade steel (ASTM 4615) that permits increased
torque carrying capacity.  Single-piece countershaft that better handles increased torque
carrying capacity.

Equipped with a high-performance short-throw billet aluminum shifter that isolates road
noise, while providing clean crisp shifts
Neutral safety switch and back-up light sensor

Flexible and versatile:
Eight shifter locations available
Dual electronic and mechanical speedometer pick-ups
Three unique cross member-mounting configurations

Different input shafts available - standard or top loader
Two available overdrive ratios:
.64 ratios reduce engine rpm to a level that makes it fun to drive besides enhancing fuel
efficiency .82 ratio is ideal for long straight-aways or for high performance racing.