Blue Thunder Racing Cylinder Heads For Small Block Ford

AlI Blue Thunder cylinder heads are cast at aircraft foundries using
Alcoa A356 aluminum, with a certified T-6 heat treat.  A stainless steel
shot blast finish, and high quality machined surfaces provide an
attractive finished product.

Blue Thunder cylinder heads are pressure checked to 60psi.  A .300”
port wall around ports for serious porting as desired.  A .650” thick
deck surface provides for structural integrity and future fly-cutting.  
Uses 14mm  3/4” reach 5/8 hex peanut style spark plug.

Features include Time Serts, (a threaded solid steel bushing (not a
spiral wire) to keep bolts from stripping out of the aluminum.), and steel
head bolt seats to prevent the head of the bolt from distorting into the
aluminum while fastening, along with 10 hardened flat washers.

These heads also come with partially drilled alcohol down nozzle
bosses cast into the cylinder head.

The 3.60 and 4.30 Blue Thunder cylinder heads have rocker stands
set-ups available from rocker arm manufacturers such as T&D.

CNC ported versions of both heads are available - - please inquire

Blue Thunder 3.60 sportsman race aluminum cylinder head
The 3.60 cylinder head is for sportsman drag, sprint car, and circle
track competition.  Fits 302, 351W & 351C Ford racing blocks.  
Usable with bowl and port clean up. Does not require CNC Porting.

This head is designed to be ported to a height of 3.60” from the head
gasket surface to the roof of the intake port.  Uses standard Yates
intake port location and layout.

These heads come with interlocking ductile iron intake and exhaust
seats.  Manganese-silicon-aluminum bronze guide are undersized for
diamond honing.

All guides and seats are thermally pressed using liquid nitrogen to
preclude metal displacement during installation of guides and seats.

Chambers offered are 50cc or 70cc as machined.  Uses 2.180”- 2.200”
diameter intake valves and 1.625” diameter exhaust valves.

Fully ported low potential over 400 cfm.

Uses 3.60 2pc. intake manifold, or sheet metal manifold.

Blue Thunder 4.30 professional race aluminum cylinder head

This head is designed for CNC Porting. (unless you are retired you
won’t have enough time to port these heads by hand.)

These heads feature eight additional head bolt/studs bosses (four on
the intake between the pushrod holes, and four on the exhaust side of
the head.  Available with either straight and canted valve exhaust.
(Please specify at time of order).

This head is designed to be ported to a height of 4.30” from the deck
surface.  Thick decks allow combustion chamber volumes from 75cc to
under 45cc.

Exhaust seat bore must be cut to full size after you install the intake
seat.  Special bronze intake and copper alloy exhaust seats available
at additional cost
.  Manganese-silicon-aluminum bronze guides
included but not installed (for easier CNC porting).

Uses 2.100”- 2.250” diameter intake valves, and 1.560”- 1.600”
diameter exhaust valves.

Uses our 4.30 2pc. intake manifold, or sheet metal manifold.

CNC ported Flow potential of over 445 cfm.

Rocker pad is machined flat for a one piece rocker stand assembly,
and uses eight 1” length Time Serts to hold the stand in place.

Flow data below courtesy of ET Performance - Walled Lake, MI
Blue Thunder 3.60 exhaust side
Blue Thunder 3.60 intake side -
note the dual bolt patterns
Blue Thunder 4.30 exhaust side -
note the extra fastener provisions
Blue Thunder 4.30 intake side -
compare the port height to the 3.60
Blue Thunder 3.60 chamber - the
4.30 is similar
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