Blue Thunder FE Cylinder Head Tech Data - Updated!

A bolt on replacement for production heads, designed to flow much better, and
allow flexibility with further modifications.  The medium riser head is usable with
bowl and port clean up but benefits from chamber profiling. It has very large "as
cast " ports with .300” thick walls, but does not require porting.  These look similar
to stock heads from the outside but have taller bolt provisions.  The high riser
casting should be ported for best results.

Cast at aircraft foundries using Alcoa A356 aluminum with a T-6 certified heat
treat, a stainless steel shot blast finish, and machined surfaces.  Blue Thunder
cylinder heads are pressure checked to 60psi.  Thick (.650”) deck surface for
structural integrity and future cutting to adjust chamber size.  Standard bolt hole
locations on ends of heads for easy accessory mounting, and a hidden boss
designed to allow water fittings on the end of the heads if necessary.

Exhaust ports are raised .400”. Uses standard 427 bolt pattern or 428 CJ pattern.  
Production type intake and exhaust manifolds can be used with these heads. Two
different intake ports are offered - - medium riser and high riser. (Note: you will
need to port match the manifold you are using).  The medium riser is large and
can be run as cast.

Standard features include Time Serts, (a threaded solid steel bushing (not a
spiral wire) to keep bolts from stripping out of the aluminum).  Head bolt seats to
prevent the head of the bolt from distorting the aluminum while fastening, and 10
hardened & ground flat washers.  A unique ARP bolt or stud kit with nine long and
one short fastener per head is required.

Supplied with interlocking ductile iron intake and exhaust seats, and manganese-
silicon-aluminum bronze guides (undersized .0015” for diamond honing).  Guides
and seats are thermally pressed using liquid nitrogen to preclude metal
displacement during installation of guides and seats.  A modern quench/heart
shaped chamber, and a fully machined Medium Riser chamber are offerred.

Blue Thunder FE heads are machined to high rise rocker stand height for
potential porting.  Uses high rise valve train geometry, and components.  An
additional .100” material is added to the top of the medium rise rocker and spring
pads, and .200” material added to the top of the high riser, allowing the engine
builder to optimize valve train geometry.
Blue Thunder Ford Cylinder Head Big Block FE 390-427-428 Medium Riser-small bore-quench chamber
Complete Heads with CNC Profiled Chambers - - Blue Thunder Cylinder Head Flow Data
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