Blue Thunder Cobra Jet style aluminum cylinder head
Still the best street/strip Ford big block cylinder head on the market today.

Appearing similar to stock heads from the outside, this lightweight cylinder head
is a bolt on replacement for production CJ and SCJ iron heads.  Blue Thunder
heads flow like ported heads - - much better than stock.  Usable with minor bowl
and port clean up, they do not require CNC porting.  Flow potential with minor
clean up exceeds 380 cfm at .700” lift and peaks around 400 cfm at .900” lift.

Blue Thunder cylinder heads are cast at aircraft foundries using Alcoa A356
aluminum with a certified T-6 heat treat.  Stainless steel shot blast finish, and
machined surfaces provide an attractive finish.  All heads are pressure checked to
60 psi.  Extra thick deck surfaces for structural integrity, and future cutting.  
Standard bolt hole locations on ends of heads permit easy accessory mounting.  
A .250” thick port wall for porting if so desired.  Includes easily opened heat riser.  
Uses 14mm 3/4” reach 5/8” peanut style spark plug.

Valve cover rail is raised .300” for additional valve train clearance, which allows
production valve covers to clear many aftermarket valve train components.
Production type intake manifold can be used with these heads. A variety of 3
different exhaust ports are offered - - standard height Ford, raised Ford, and raised
Chevy exhaust.  The  Ford versions were redesigned late in 2006.  Combustion
volume is either 78cc or 100cc as delivered.  

Uses standard 429 CJ valve train geometry, and components. Longer valves will
allow higher lift cams.  May use stock pistons and valve reliefs.  Valve sizes can
range from 2.20”-2.25” intake/1.88” exhaust or 2.30” intake/ 1.80” exhaust.  Uses
standard 429 CJ valve train geometry, and components. Longer valves will allow
higher lift cams.  

Includes Time Serts at all critical fastener locations - - a threaded solid steel
bushing (not a spiral wire) to keep bolts from stripping out of the aluminum.
Hardened head bolt seats (to keep the head of the bolt from distorting the
aluminum while fastening.  Interlocking leaded chrome-moly steel intake, and HI 3
steel exhaust seats.  Manganese-silicon-aluminum bronze guides undersized .
0015”, for honing.  All guides and seats are thermally pressed using liquid
nitrogen to preclude metal displacement during installation.  Accessories include
required grade 8 bolts for raised exhaust applications and 10 hardened blanchard
ground flat washers.
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Blue Thunder 429, 460 Products
Current edition BT heads can be
identified by the rocker pedestal pads -
first generation heads are rounded
while new ones are squared off.  Chevy
exhaust shown above
Blue Thunder Stage X Heads, With fully CNC profiled 86cc chambers, multi-angle CNC valve job, stainless valves, springs for flat tappet or hydraulic roller cam, 4130 retainers & locators, assembled - pair
The exclusive Survival Motorsports Stage X
package will deliver a ready to install cylinder
head package with serious power potential at a
street friendly price.

Using top quality components and state of the
art CNC machining these heads will outperform
any factory style part by a wide margin.

No poorly cast imported knock offs here - just
top quality American workmanship combined
with Blue Thunder manufacturing expertise.